New Ruin, 2016

Cement, metal rods, iron wires, stones and sand

Video: 8:15 seconds

The video work is a short art film outcome of a self-funded residency project in Dharampur, Nepal. The outcome of the residency was a monolith construction, designed to draw a connection to the disused and dilapidated water reservoir (damaged by flooding).


The video interrogates the common idleness shared between two objects, both practically “functionless” to the local community. The film shares the process of construction of the aesthetically juxtaposed, as well as a “functional” parallel structure.

Within the narration of the work being muted; the work focuses more into the surrounding where the sculpture stands to the family member who are building the work. The irony was the nature of the project was never really discussed amongst the community. In the time since its construction - it has become a brand new ruin. It crashed into the social topography in a manner that had no political or social value. It was an alien visitor.

New Ruin.1.png