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Untitled (Rock City)
Vinyl lettering on Acrylic sheet,
standoff wall fixings
110 x 73.4 cm

Akabare chilli plants, tarpaulin, compost
110 x 110 cm

The installation explores the act of cultivating non-native plants in the UK to evoke a sense of home and cultural connection. The process of these plants adapting to the British environment parallels the journey of immigrants seeking a better life in a foreign country. An intriguing metaphor implies that a plant's perseverance in acclimatising to its new surroundings mirrors the determination of immigrant communities navigating unfamiliar territories. The insult directed at the plant symbolises the assimilation process, presented through a sanitised office glass door. This juxtaposition highlights the tension between the plant's invasive nature in the exhibition space and the assimilation it undergoes.


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